No words can express such great beauty and grandiose silence..... thank you Boris for your savoir faire.       MV physician, Brussels/Belgium

From the fishing to the scenery, this is the best trip I have ever taken  Dustin Natchitochez

A true blessing and perfect father and son time WH lawyer MN

My father and I shall relive the memories in the years to come. You are an outstanding host TB Alaska Magazine

WOW is the best way to describe it   Kent Hrbeck ( KH Outdoors)

Silvers on a fly rod and wild blue berries in my pancakes- can't beat it DB

Salmon runs were incredible to see to a MN walleye fisherman.... rockfish.... yelloweye.... 200 lb halibut... memory cherished    TO  MN

Watching my hubby catch his first salmon on a fly, quiet solitude among the seals, otters and jellyfish and one spectacular view made for a wonderful trip   P Elert "Outdoor Expeditions"

I caught more silvers than I have in any of my previous trips to Alaska. Fishing was awesome, scenery spectacular.   BG

Silver fishing was the best  TH

Another fantastic week- 2nd trip to your lodge. Wild life viewing was excellent: porpoise, sea otters, seals, eagles, gulls, sitka deer, minke whale, hummingbirds, brown bear, black bear and a huge pod of Orcas. Highlights were seeing E. become a flyfisher and helping (her) pull a barn sized halibut plus getting my first 100 lbs plus halibut.. we leave with great stories  S and E B

Fishing great. Nature at its best E and T U FLA

Splendid refuge from reality and work and a hot summer.. warm sunshine, fishing in Sheep Bay, 80 lb halibut, peaks visible in every direction  JE Hudson Wisc.

Great accommodations, spectacular views... great time as a family hanging out, fishing, cooking  D clan Willmar MN

Your knowledge, kind hospitality and love for this beautiful unique state will forever be in our fondest of memories..... R, G,J and J  Fla.

One of those special places on earth  Boise Cascade Group (OR and Washington)

I stand in awe of the exquisite sanctuary you have created in this magnificent bay.  These few days that E and I have spent here nourishing our souls and bonding as father and son are without equal.
....majestic rugged silhouettes, sweep of tides, abundant playful seals, salmon too numerous to count, eagles above, mystical quality of fog......effected the slowing down of time. I have traveled the world and never have been to a more beautiful place. E and I thank you.  J and E Essex, NY

6 of us from Fairbanks and Valdez... had a great time kayaking, eating, playing games and visiting  K,K,S,J,L,B

For those who follow I recommend: sit on deck and listen to waterfall, contemplate the serenity and observe life around you, go fishing with Boris- fly fishing especially, go see the "lagoon" and enjoy the seclusion it would be hard to find elsewhere VB and DR from AK, and V and L R from MN

A wonderful week at the end of the world. The wilderness is beyond comparaison. Breathtaking beauty everywhere... blue lagoon teeming with pink and silver salmon.... impressive knowledge, wisdom, competence and genuine comraderie of skipper Boris  S

Pics and videos cannot capture the magnificence of this area... eagles, otters, seals, bears, mountain goats, glaciers, lagoons, starfish, clams, fish........hiking, fishing, clamming, kayaking, grilling, eating, relaxing and conversing. Thanks for your hospitality, patient instructions and great stories. Thanks for sharing your corner of paradise.  AZ Wash DC

I have never been to a place more buetiful.  The fishing was.....AAAHHH. To se the silvers and the swarms of fish was like being in heaven... In the first couple of hours I had caught 10 silvers. I LOVE ALASKA FISHING !!!!!
NA ( 12 yrs old) MN

Fantastic week... saw lots of wildlife... went fishing, played games... was a great birthday week, can't wait for our next visit   The B family ( J, K, E and B)

WOW , that's it- just WOW

Unbelievable views and fishing. Last day caught 80 inch halibut( approx 277 lbs)
Good food, good fun, good company E and T U Brunswick ME

This is the real Alaska. Seals , whales, otters, bears and all types of fish. LP Duluth MN

Thank you Boris for being such a great host and guide. You have made this a trip of a lifetime JF Rice Lake WI

It's hard to ... describe the beauty , majesty and untouched nature that I experienced here. Pictures on my camera will never do it justice. Catching salmon.... beauty of this bay far exceeded my expectations MS Rice Lake WI

Pictures do not do it justice. Seen more fish than I ever thought. The silvers fought great. Steve from MN

Been a good time with my good friends, C and S and a new friend, Boris. A great guy, showed us how to fish silvers in the "Lagoon". Great scenery. Fishing good GL Aitkins, MN

Boris is the perfect guide- knowledge and skill. LG MN
In this exquisite beauty and comforting silence, I rekindled my joy for life. Thank you. TZ health coach Minnesota