ALASKA The Way You've Always Imagined It!


Experience the ultimate in Alaska fishing while enjoying untouched wilderness.  Hook a beautiful, fresh sea-run salmon. Battle a tackle-straining halibut. Pursue 200 to 600-pound salmon sharks in surrounding waters.

There are many Alaskan lodges offering salmon and halibut fishing, fewer lodges where you can catch ocean fresh salmon and trophy sized halibut, and only one lodge where both are caught within sight of the solitude and beautiful vistas. To read more about our lodge click here.



The beauty of Prince William Sound, the grandeur or icy-blue glaciers overlooking the bay, the splendor of snow-capped mountain peaks. Listen to nature all around you: the rush of nearby waterfalls, the chatter of sea otters and seals, the calls of waterfowl and bald eagles.


Come and experience Alaska with deserve it.