The beauty of Prince William Sound, the grandeur or icy-blue glaciers overlooking the bay, the splendor of snow-capped mountain peaks. Listen to nature all around you. The rush of nearby waterfalls, the chatter of sea otters and seals, the calls of waterfowl and bald eagles.


 The new lodge is situated on a rocky point overlooking a breathtaking panorama of waterfalls, snow capped peaks, distant glaciers, and the crystal clear waters of Sheep Bay.




This newer two story structure has an open air feel to it, with the loft providing a sleeping quarter for four. As you wake up in the morning, you gaze out through the two story windows at the waters and mountains awaiting you. The bathroom has a tiled floor, hot/cold water shower stall, and regular flush toilet. The kitchen is complete with propane four burner stove and sink. An electric freezer is also installed. Electricity is available (via a quiet generator) for lighting, radio, and CD music player.





Because the lodge is located on a small island, we rarely see any bears on the island itself. Even during the salmon run we have had no encounters with bears at the usual fishing spots. However, caution and prudence are needed whenever you are in areas where bears are known to frequent.


Prior to or after your visit to the lodge, enjoy some time in Cordova. Cordova is a uniquely Alaskan community, shaped by its dramatic natural setting, rich cultural heritage, and colorful residents. Cordova is the REAL Alaska, a working town, nestled in the heart of a spectacular wilderness, that still looks to the ocean and forests for its livelihood.


Cordova is easy to reach from either Anchorage or Seattle. Alaska Airlines and ERA airlines both have flights daily into the all weather airport. For an added twist, you can take a ferry from Valdez or Whittier to Cordova, a marvelous and scenic journey at a reasonable price.


For more information on Cordova, contact the Cordova Chamber of Commerce (907)424-7260, or visit their website.